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Digital Brisbane is paving the way for Brisbane, Australia’s new world city to be a more connected and accessible city and a competitive player in the global digital economy.

This website is one of many Digital Brisbane initiatives that are seeding and nurturing a thriving digital economy, identifying profitable business opportunities and helping to create a better lifestyle for everyone.

Within this website you will find comprehensive, up-to-date information on how to incorporate digital technology across all facets of your business.

Look out for articles on digital business trends, blog posts from industry experts, how-to guides, information on upcoming events relevant to your business, and a range of videos. Digital Brisbane, part of Brisbane’s economic development board Brisbane Marketing, is working to:

  • provide the city’s small-to-medium business sector with ideas and resources to assist them to grow their digital footprint, which will help improve business efficiencies, promotion, product innovation and collaboration.

  • build the capacity of Brisbane’s digital industries.

  • increase Brisbane’s connectivity into the global digital economy.

  • advise the Brisbane City Council on digital opportunities.

  • position Brisbane as a digital leader, promoting the city’s wealth of digital capacity and opening the door to greater investment and collaboration.

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