4 ways to get your old website back in the game

23 February 2016

So your business website is looking a little grey around the gills – it happens. But your digital presence isn’t just a buzzword, it’s an asset that should be pulling its weight. Here are four ways to ensure your digital presence doesn’t become an expensive afterthought.

    1. Treat your website like it’s on the payroll It’s easy for business owners to tell themselves: “I need a website because every other business has a website.” But too often an SME’s online presence becomes unfocused, unproductive and descends into irrelevance – just like a bad employee. You want your website to behave like a star worker – helpful, productive and profitable. So when you build your website, define a budget and set a benchmark value for what you want it to deliver (it could be sales, leads, branding or customer loyalty). Treat your site like it’s on a salary and hold it accountable if it’s not delivering.
    2. Focus on your clients’ clicks When a potential or returning customer arrives at your website, nothing will make them click the exit button faster than not finding what they want straight away. If you sell a lot of products, make your site’s search feature easy to find (front and centre) and simple to use. If you sell services, divide them into hero buttons on your front page. Take the following Brisbane business, for example. Brad Bell Real Estate, in Mt Gravatt, has used its website analytics to hone in on the types of customers that visit its site. The front page clearly directs them to where they want to go with a minimal amount of clicks. It paves the path for customers to find what they want quickly.
    3. Blog, blog and blog again The internet is littered with the remains of well-intentioned bloggers’ sites, so commitment is key. But research from online marketing giant Hubspot shows businesses that blog high-quality content constantly are 13 times more likely to generate a positive return on their marketing investment. So what do you blog about? A good place to start is your email inbox. Type a question mark into the search bar, hit enter and note down all the questions your customers have asked you. You will have a list of blog topics in a jiffy. Not convinced? Click here to see why The New York Times begs to differ.
    4. Time to go mobile According to technology statistics company Statista, 56 per cent of all internet use is now conducted on a smartphone. What’s more, Google is now punishing the search results of those websites that are not mobile friendly. The easy way to find out if your website works well on a mobile is to head to google.com.au/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly and check your site’s web address. If it’s bad news, get your developer on the line and get it in shape – Statista predicts mobile internet use to increase to 63.4 per cent by 2019.

Kurt Sanders

Director of Strategy at The Content Division

Kurt is a digital content strategist with a focus on developing strategies and content that help businesses’ audiences engage, solve, trust and act. Kurt has helped create and execute strategies across B2B and B2C businesses, growing audiences, generating leads and creating brand advocates. Kurt is the director of strategy for The Content Division and co-hosts the Telltale podcast.

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