5 minutes with a founder: Nick James from Wrappt

5 September 2019

Wrappt launched to market in mid-2019 on a mission to put the power of professional video into the hands of brands, businesses and consumers. A game-changer for the video industry, Wrappt is the perfect fusion of technology and video production, enabling businesses to affordably create and manage compelling content using resources they already have on hand – no need for complex equipment or the matching price tag.

The brainchild of Brisbane-based video agency Ride Free Media and digital agency Vivo Group, Wrappt has already helped over 200 users from 40 companies to produce more than 500 low-cost, fast-turnaround videos – and that number is set to grow as the company looks to release more products and scale into international markets.

What problem is Wrappt solving?

“For many businesses, videography is expensive to outsource, impractical to bring in-house, and most DIY attempts struggle to meet the high standards that audiences expect,” Wrappt Co-Founder Nick James said.

“Consumers increasingly demand and respond to video content in both their personal and working lives – it’s the biggest opportunity for brands, yet it’s often the most challenging type of content to create.”

“As videographers, marketers and digital strategists, the challenge we wanted to tackle was – how can we help brands to use more video? We needed to eliminate the time, cost and quality barriers – equipment and labour-hire, production costs and editing timeframes.”

The solution was to create an end-to-end solution that leverages the professional-grade camera we already carry around in our pocket every day.

“With the Wrappt Film Kit and App, you can use your smartphone to film high-quality video and send it directly to our professional editing team. You’ll then receive your video back with music, colour grading and brand graphics to review and distribute within 48 hours for as little as $90. That’s a production cost and timeline that’s previously unheard of in the industry.”

“This approach now makes professional-quality video, simple, affordable and scalable.”

Why build your business in Brisbane?

“It was a no brainer. Brisbane is our home and it’s where our founding businesses Ride Free Media and Vivo Group have always been based. We love the laid-back lifestyle, the nice people, the fantastic weather – all of it. And the opportunities that are coming to Queensland really get us excited for the future. There is a real buzz and energy that helps to fuel our growth.”

What is your favourite app right now? And why?

“Besides the Wrappt app? That’s a really tough question to answer! I’m really liking headspace at the moment to help track and manage my sleeping patterns.”

Nick James

Nick James is the Managing Director of Ride Free & the Co-founder/Partnerships Director of Wrappt. Over the past 8 years, Nick has focussed on client & partner acquisition, growth & innovation and been responsible for building and managing a team of progressive filmmakers.  A forward thinker with a customer-centric approach to business, Nick has driven Ride Free & Wrappt to be at the forefront of the video industry pushing the boundaries between filmmaking, digital and tech.

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