What happens after the Brisbane Innovate summit?

10 October 2019

400 people. 38 ‘Big Idea’ canvases. Too many post-it notes to count …

Following last week’s Brisbane Innovate Summit, the team set about collecting and collating all the canvases that were created on the day (all.the.canvases) – the big ideas, the cover stories, the impact matrixes and the walls of ideas.

We then began the process of looking for common themes and patterns in the ideas. And, as is always the case, even amongst the vast array of ideas, we found a number of common patterns with four distinctly prevalent themes:

  • Capability Building
  • Community Development
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Sharing Resources

We also defined and applied a series of weighted decision criteria to help analyse your ideas including:

  • Impact – how much of an impact will this solution have in the overall problem space?
  • Ease of Implementation – how easy or complex is implementation likely to be?
  • Brisbane Vision Alignment – how aligned is the solution with existing priorities outlined in Brisbane Vision 2031 and Brisbane 2022: A new world city economic development plan
  • Team BNE Support – how many additional names (above the participants on that table) indicated support for the idea?

So what? And now what? 

As discussed at the Summit, the journey has only just begun. The next step is to move into more focussed discussions to progress the most promising ideas. Ideas that we, collectively through the Brisbane Innovate lab, have the capabilities, capacity and connections to assist the ideas to move forward.

So with that in mind, we will be progressing the following ideas forward (all titles come from the “‘Our Big Idea” canvases):

Amplifying Small Business >>

Session 1: Monday 28th October 8.30am to 12pm

We will actively be working on further developing these ideas and looking for opportunities to connect in with existing projects, businesses and resources. The goal is to better connect small business with the information they are after.

  • Micro/Small Business Hub
  • Digital Resource Hub
  • The Next Step Spaces
  • Small Business Hub
  • Small Business 101
  • Micro Business BiggGR

Session 2: Monday 28th October, 1.30pm to 5pm

We will be working with these two teams who came up with these ideas plus those interested in these ideas, to develop a business model and progress to prototype. We are seeking people who actively want to stay involved in these projects.

  • Airtasker for Business (Connecting Brisbane’s Business Community)
  • Unconvention Workshops for Business Owners

Innovation for sustainable and effective construction >>

Wednesday 6th November, 1.30pm to 5pm

Discussion will centre around what it will take to bring these ideas to life in Brisbane and who the key stakeholders are that should be involved.

  • Online Local Construction Products & materials marketplace
  • Hempstruction
  • E-Bricks

These ideas relate to policy and planning, so discussion will centre around who will need to be influenced and how we might do that.

  • Greener Buildings
  • Lease of Life Pledge
  • Rooftop Gardens for inner city office blocks

Engaging out of town students >>

Thursday 7 November, 8.30am to 12pm

This session will focus on further exploration of the market ideas + also looking at how the Brisbane Innovate model can be applied to students to solve business challenges.

  • Intercultural Markets
  • Meet Street
  • Saturday Market Meet-Up
  • Epic Innovate

These ideas all connect with existing projects being worked on by the Study Brisbane team. We want to use the afternoon to bring together all the ideas, see how they connect with existing and in progress projects and how to keep everyone involved.

  • Auction Night
  • Brisbane Student Connection
  • One Stop Shop
  • Open Brisbane
  • Business & Student Hub

Participating in the sessions. 

At Brisbane Innovate we were blown away by the number of attendees who expressed interest in continuing the journey on the above projects. And many of you have reached out since, expressing that you would like to be involved in projects that you did not have a chance to put your name to.

So …

We are inviting all Innovate attendees to join us for the followup sessions … come to one. come to many. Wherever you feel you have time, expertise, passion and a desire to contribute, we would love for you to continue the journey with us.

Register via this link using the email address you used to register for Brisbane Innovate.

If you have a colleague or friend whom you think would benefit from joining in the process at this point, please ask them to register via this link.

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