Brisbane startup finds the road to success via Sesame Street

15 September 2016

Lord Mayor's Budding Entrepreneur Program helps startup on Sesame Street
Photo: Kristen Souvlis (left) with Nadine Bates (right). PC: Mark Cranitch News Ltd.

If you’ve caught a glimpse of kids’ television shows Totally Wild, H2O: Just Add Water, Elephant Princessor Sesame Street USA, you’ve likely experienced the work of Brisbane-based producer Kristen Souvlis.

The recent Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program grant winner and co-founder at Like A Photon Creative (LAPC) is shaking up a male-dominated industry in children’s television content production, one series at a time.

Her startup LAPC is a small Queensland-based production company, specialising in the development and execution of content for kids.

“Like A Photon Creative is managed by myself and my business partner Nadine Bates, and is built upon a love for creating forward-thinking, ethical products and platforms for children worldwide,” Kristen said.

“We believe wholeheartedly in crafting stories for young audiences that will not only resonate with them, but also positively shape their understanding of the world.”

As a former Queensland University of Technology student, Kristen said she could see the value in partnering with local students and professionals.

“We’re particularly passionate about our local industry and work hard to collaborate exclusively with Queensland-based creatives and practitioners,” she said.

Kristen is one of 15 successful grant recipients of the recent Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program– a program which awards up-and-coming entrepreneurs with up to $5000 to increase their entrepreneurial capabilities.

She said the grant had allowed her to increase her productivity and to funnel more resources and energy into her digital platform KINDERGO – a new venture for LAPC.

“We developed the platform to make screen time engaging, active and rewarding for kids, and valuable for parents,” Kristen said.

Along with Nadine she recently visited the US to negotiate with broadcasters and promote new projects.

“While I can’t reveal a lot, the US trip involved some high-level negotiations with several broadcasters and stakeholders regarding three projects on our current slate. It’s very exciting times here at LAPC,” Kristen said.

Lord Mayor's Budding Entrepreneur Program helps startup on Sesame Street

Being a small player in a large but niche industry hasn’t been easy for the Queensland duo, but they are motivated by the love of what they do.

“The greatest challenge has been proving our capabilities – not only as industry professionals, but as females in a field that is largely dominated by men,” Kristen said.

“We’ve also recently found some resistance to the concept that we can be a multi-faceted company, whose content can exist in both the digital, and traditional broadcast avenues.

“I’d like to think that we are overcoming these misconceptions incrementally on a daily basis by continuing to deliver world-class content.”

But where there are cons, there must be pros. And for Kristen and Nadine succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated industry, the pros are many.

“Two of our proudest moments so far have been creating content for Sesame Street USA, being the first female Australians to do so,” Kristen said.

“And being the first Queensland company to have an original series commissioned by The Walt Disney Company.”

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