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6 July 2016

Influencers Victoria and Tara win Lord Mayor's Budding Entrepreneur Program

Influencers are more than just a marketing buzzword. The individuals who fit this profile provide a powerful way of promoting a brand or event via Instagram and other forms of social media.

The challenge though is to find the right influencer to deliver your message to the right audience among a sea of meaningless opinion.

This is where Brisbane’s The Exposure Co. comes into its own. With modern consumers less and less inclined to turn to traditional media, influencers represent the ultimate in word-of-mouth marketing.

Since Victoria Harrison and Tara Kingi created one of Australia’s first Instagram influencer marketing services to connect brands with the country’s leading influencers, they have signed up 900 influencers to their network who have a combined reach of more than 15 million followers.

The venture began as a hobby in late 2014 when the two were working together in content marketing and saw a niche in what has become a rapidly growing form of marketing.

Victoria and Tara launched The Exposure Co. in July 2015 and shortly after were Round Five winners of the Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program, sharing a $25,000 prize with four other startups, which gave them the opportunity to tap into mentoring schemes and other opportunities to help grow their business.

Most of their influencers are Instagrammers but they are also branching into the world of Snapchat, which has a large reach with the younger demographic.

“The Exposure Co. was born as a solution to what we saw as a difficulty in recruiting Instagram influencers to promote products. Now we create influencer marketing strategies for businesses, connecting them with relevant influencers to promote their product or service,” said Hamilton-based Ms Harrison.

“Some of our influencers have more than one million followers but often it’s the influencers with smaller, intimate audiences that prove to be more successful for brands.”

The 24-year-old QUT graduate said the success of The Exposure Co. had inspired a new business venture – Coves.

Coves is a subscription-based platform that allows digital Influencers and content creators to earn an ongoing revenue stream from their premium content,” Ms Harrison said.

“Influencers and content creators sign up as publishers, post exclusive content to their payment-gated Cove site and allow their audience to access it for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month.”


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