CDO Wrap June 2016

14 June 2016

I know we keep saying it, but the world certainly seems to be moving faster. It’s already mid-June and amid all this talk of digital transformation and innovation, what I’d love is for everything to slow down a bit! To that end, did you see the news about the out-of-work-hours email ban in France? I think this is an interesting move by a government but a more interesting concern for us as a society to start questioning when and how we draw boundaries in our “always connected” lives.

I had reason to pause and reflect on my career in digital (or as a result of digital) when I spoke at a Women in Digital event this month. I remembered my excitement at the potential of social media for small businesses, and the ability Twitter gave me (and still gives me) to network at scale. I also remembered though the wise words of Robyn Henderson: “Networking is earning the right to ask a favour” – which is no different whether you’re tweeting or shaking hands at a function. And I also noted that our changing world, and changing economy, is here to stay. There’s no point trying to slow it down – rather be open to opportunities as they present themselves.

Still on all things “speedy”, we hosted our ever-popular Speed Matchmaking Event this month, helping small business owners meet and learn from digital suppliers. It was a crazy, loud and oh-so-much-fun event, with seven minutes for each date before moving on for the next discussion. There’s nothing like a time limit to focus your needs and elevator pitch and I’ve already heard of some great business being done as a result of the matches made. Woot!

Finally this month, I returned to my original Brisbane community, Samford (where I was a long-term resident and active community member), where I spoke to the Chamber of Commerce about the foundations of a smart, connected community. Moreton Bay Regional Council is rolling out strategies very similar to Brisbane’s when it comes to digital transformation, business and community collaboration and encouraging innovation. I’m looking forward to working more with Moreton Bay, and our other surrounding council areas, as we evolve our collective smart, connected cities approaches.

Cat Matson

Chief Digital Officer

Digital tech is an enabler, not an end outcome. I am excited by the opportunities digital presents. But digital for digital’s sake is the antithesis of digital transformation.

As Chief Digital Officer for the City of Brisbane, I drive the Digital Brisbane strategy. This includes building the digital capability and capacity of Brisbane’s business community; galvanising and showcasing the city’s start-up ecosystem; and informing the strategy for a smart-connected Brisbane.

I co-host the Social Media for Small Business Podcast with Suzi Dafnis of HerBusiness. Every fortnight or so we interview a new guest about different aspects of social media in the small business context.

I love chairing panel conversations of experts and thought leaders – juicy conversations with different perspectives spark fabulous ideas. I also enjoy delivering keynote presentations to interesting audiences.

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