Digital Brisbane excited to welcome the world’s best science minds to Brisbane in March

12 February 2016

Tech types, innovators, digital entrepreneurs and anyone who wonders “how” or “why” will get unprecedented access to the world’s best science minds in March at the World Science Festival Brisbane.

Brisbane is the only city in the Southern Hemisphere where you can experience the world’s most prestigious science and arts event, which has never previously been held outside New York.

Australia’s New World City and the World Science Festival Brisbane are perfect partners to showcase world-leading innovation and scientific endeavours.

Digital Brisbane is in awe of some of the innovation offerings across free and ticketed events from March 9-13.

From intelligent robots and data-driven drones, to comedy, brain-bending conversations, performances and innovation, you’ll hear from international thought leaders and witness the very latest in digital transformation. Things are going to get experimental, so we’ve found the events you just can’t miss!

Ars Electronica Futurelab’s Shared Space Bots

Free at QUT Gardens Theatre Foyer on 10 March.

Autonomous cars are making an entrance but are we ready for them? QUT presents Ars Electronica Futurelab’s Shared Space Bots to explore how the vehicle of tomorrow will change your everyday commute. This interactive instalment looks at how the public space will have to change to accommodate the new auto-mobiles and how we will communicate with them. Here’s hoping the voice activation understands more than Siri!

Salon: Robots – The New Eco Warriors

Technology and Innovation comes to Digital Brisbane

$15-$20 at Queensland Museum on 11 March.

Can robots and drones take the manpower out of research and data collection? In this discussion, scientists explain how robots and drones are taking the risk and timely processes out of research into environmental issues, human impact and conservation.

Green Heart Schools

Free at King George Square on 11 March.

Brisbane’s entrepreneurs of tomorrow come to the stage in Future BNE, an event for Year Seven students. In Green Heart Schools, Brisbane schools battle it out with innovative ideas and technology to help secure Brisbane’s water future. Head along to cheer on up to 40 school teams as they evaluate the city’s water use.

The Game Designer’s Apprentice

$13.50-$15 at QUT Gardens Point on 12 March.

CoderDojo Brisbane is one of Digital Brisbane’s most successful programs and was actually the first CoderDojo program to run in Australia when it started in 2013.

We think Game Designer’s Apprentice is the CoderDojo of the World Science Festival, a game design workshop for women only. Forget Angry Birds – the games of today are multi-purposed for entertainment, training, co-operative play and social change. Learn from Brisbane’s own game design experts for professional development or head along to find out what it’s all about.

The Moral Math of Robots

Technology and Innovation comes to Digital Brisbane

$25-$30 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on 13 March.

A must-see for Brisbane tech type – leading cognitive scientists, roboticists, philosophers and computer scientists take to the stage to answer the pressing questions behind robot morality. Can robots and machines learn, just as a child can, moral decision-making? Or should their actions be based on a defined set of parameters? The speakers dive deep into these questions and more in this signature event for World Science Festival Brisbane.

Mind VS Machine: What Makes Us Human

$7.50-$10.50 at GOMA from 9-13 March.

Continuing the theme of artificial intelligence, GOMA hosts a series of science fiction films that challenge the integration of machines and robots into society. Fantastic old classics include Blade Runner and The Matrix, which are complemented with this decade’s Ex Machina and Her.

Catching Up With The Jetsons: Cities In 2050

$25-$30 at Griffith University Conservatorium Theatre on 13 March.

This 90-minute discussion reviews the history of cities forming and the advantages and disadvantages of the growth in the world’s mega and world cities. Topical considering Brisbane’s position as a new world city – the panel of scientists, economists, urban planners, futurists and technology entrepreneurs explore the future of cities and the potential alternatives.

Street Science

Technology and Innovation comes to Digital Brisbane

Free at South Bank Cultural Forecourt 12-13 March.

For the grand finale, South Bank comes to life over two days. The Street Science festival features all the highlights from the WSF in an interactive display of dancing robots, drones, coding workshops, wind-powered races and science everything. The whole family will be keen to don their lab coats and get in on the action.

Want more? Check out WSF Brisbane for the full program of events.

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