Domino’s Pizza

23 September 2013

Domino’s Pizza redefines customer interaction.

Domino’s Pizza is redefining the industry standards for customer value by enhancing its customers’ experience.

Domino’s has used digital innovation to reduce customer effort and engage them in an experience that goes beyond selling pizza.

As a market leader, Domino’s has made it a priority to be more accessible to its customers through seven online ordering options, providing a tailored customer experience:

  • Desktop ordering site.
  • Accessible ordering site (for the vision impaired).
  • Mobile ordering site.
  • iPhone application.
  • Android application.
  • iPad application.
  • Facebook ordering application.

The latest addition is the purpose-designed and built iPad app, allowing customers to:

  • Tailor their own pizza order with 1.8 million combinations.
  • Design and make their own pizza with the visual pizza builder Pizza Chef, providing an immersive experience.
  • Use GPS services to locate the nearest store for pick-up, among other functionalities.

Domino’s also has the Live Pizza Tracker that:

  • Allows the customer to track the order in real time from making, to cooking, to delivery up until the act of consumption.
  • Helps the company improve productivity, providing valuable real-time data that assists with marketing and operational decisions.

From its beginning as a traditional brick and mortar operation selling pizza predominantly through its network of franchises, 50 per cent of Domino’s sales are online, 40 per cent via mobile devices.

It is redefining its stores around the concept of “theatre of food”.

Domino’s online marketing director Michael Gillespie said: “Our digital strategy played a major role in the growth of the company for the last four-to-six years by better serving existing customers and attracting new ones.”

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