Email Marketing

29 November 2018

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Email Marketing

Biggest takeaways:

  • Email has a higher return on investment ROI than the top three social media channels
  • Doesn’t require huge amounts of money to get started
  • Build up your database with your existing customers
  • Don’t think about open rates, instead think about strengthing your relationship with customers
  • Build your database by putting out content that encourages users to sign up to the database (incentives work well)
  • Use personalisation to encourage your customers to open your email
  • Check your website analytics to determine the best time to send out your email

In this Power-Up episode, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson and Jason Anderson from Andzen explain the importance of email marketing and why it’s a channel that small businesses should use.

Episode resources:

MailChimp – MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service.

Vision6 – a Brisbane-based business that offers email marketing, social marketing and SMS marketing software.

Jump to…

Why is email marketing important for small businesses? 1.05

Email marketing is the highest converting digital marketing channel 1.13

Start your database with your existing customers 3.14 

Creating valuable content to share with your database 4.01

Converting your Facebook following 6.31 

Use a platform that can be tailored and personalised 8.45

Best time of day to send out your email 10.01

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