HomePrezzo: real estate data delivery just got interesting

13 July 2016

Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program helps data and technology buff Nathan

Identifying a gap in the market, a desire to be a hands-on father and the ambition to build his own business led Nathan Krisanski to create a unique and ground-breaking product capable of transforming the real estate industry.

Mr Krisanski was working for a leading property group when he noticed most real estate agents didn’t have the digital marketing skills necessary to engage with their clients to maximum effect.

Using his IT background, he came up with HomePrezzo, which allows agents to generate informative and appealing content on real estate statistics and trends via videos and infographics.

His efforts and investment have resulted in a growing list of clients and the company being named a winner of a $5000 grant in round six of the Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program.

“The design and marketing side of real estate are getting more competitive and are the top-ranked qualities agents and clients look for, so I knew I had to build something that looked great but was simple to use,” he said.

“Real estate has a lot of data that can be leveraged, but the key is making it interesting and to scale at a local level.

“As a technology buff, that challenge always fascinated me and it drives the HomePrezzo mission statement – We make big data interesting and engaging through animation, infographics and stylish, professional marketing.”

Despite his wife having their first baby on the way, Mr Krisanski took the plunge and invested some of their carefully saved home deposit to create HomePrezzo, and his entrepreneurial spirit has paid off handsomely.

“There was interest in the product from one of the largest property data companies in Australia and New Zealand but I wanted to put my money where my mouth is a give it a go,” he said.

“I also wanted to be a hands-on dad so my wife and I set the goal to build HomePrezzo into a sustainable online business to give us financial security and allow me to spend daylight hours at home with my family.

“HomePrezzo is an inexpensive but stylish video product that is the first to merge big data with quality design. Agents are time-poor and seek innovative ways to communicate localised stats and recent sales to their clients who expect shorter, more personalised messages in an engaging format, particularly on social media.

“So we offer a simple online interface for agents to build a video in just seconds for any location or property in the country, customise it to match their own branding, and send to their clients via their CRM or on social media.”

Now that he has polished the product, Mr Krisanski has been able to focus on business development and partnerships with the likes of AgentBox, a leading real estate CRM.

“We have also renewed our CoreLogic RP Data alliance and opened up some leads for US expansion, so the future is looking pretty exciting,” he said.

“I think one of the keys to our success is knowing what business we are in. For a long time, I debated the difference between being a “content” business and a “technology” business. In the end we are both and that’s what makes us different.

“Our future success will come from listening to these two guiding forces and forging a path of innovation straight up the middle.”

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