How does the lab work?

Complex challenges are just that – complex – and therefore can’t be solved with linear thinking or approaches.

The Lab applies a robust program of strategic conversations and workshops to address the challenge at hand.

To the outside observer, a challenge moving through The Lab might look like a lot of people in a series of facilitated workshops, using post-it notes, coloured makers and other creative thinking props to pop new ideas. People talk and work together to design prototypes, pitch decks and basic business models. Then those people reconvene to discuss the prototypes and pitch decks.

To the outside observer, it might look chaotic. To the inside participants, it’s exciting, provocative, challenging and fun. There are many parts of the process that are uncomfortable and messy before progress is made. And that’s ok.

There are no white coats, Bunsen burners or test tubes. Most of the time there’s probably not even robots. It’s just a lot of people enthusiastically working together to create a better solution than the status quo.





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