Instagram: How to stand out in the saturated market

7 August 2017

Instagram, unlike other social media channels, has a certain visual charm allowing room for us to seamlessly implement crafty marketing campaigns and product placements that blend into the Instagram landscape.

It has a high user rating with around 500 million users worldwide, with three million of those users residing in Australia (Murgia, 2016).

The key to success on this platform is a clear vision and strategy, consistency, familiarity with your audience and your own visual style.

But if your competitors are ticking all the same boxes, what differentiates your brand from them? In today’s saturated web market, how do you stand out?

Define your audience

This includes analysing your competitors within your market, and deciding where your product falls. Breaking down your competitors’ metrics will give you a better idea of what readers and consumers within your industry are interested in, so you can create your own material accordingly. This is where your digital marketing agency comes in handy. Part of its job is to have a deep understanding of your market and tailor your social media strategy.

Create, don’t copy

Anyone has the ability to repost an image, so creating your own original content means you are branding yourself as an expert, and can start working towards growing an increasingly targeted following. In this digitally saturated culture it has become progressively difficult for consumers to find what they need, so highly relevant recommendations from trusted creators of content can go a long way.

Be yourself, be your brand

What makes your brand different from the next one? The beauty of having an Instagram account is being able to visually communicate who you are and why you matter to your audience, as well as giving them an opportunity to connect with you and/or your brand. If you are authentic and passionate, people will resonate with that.

Be willing to put in the work

From the moment the concept for a post is created, to the creative, all the way down to the caption, you must invest time and effort into your content.

People only take a split second to decide whether or not to engage with your posts so make it worth your while. This also means taking the time to engage with your followers. Although it can become time consuming, it brings you closer to your audience and they appreciate your efforts.

Measure your progress

When your performance on Instagram is measured and reported on, the rate of improvement accelerates. It is even more essential to pay attention to what types of posts are performing well, and which ones aren’t, so you can tailor your future strategies accordingly.

The early stages of creating your profile is a great time to experiment with your posts, to see what kind of content generates the most engagement. There are some amazing Instagram analytics tools out there, like Iconosquare, that will aggregate your data and show you your top posts, likes and comments as well as overall growth. These tools will also show you when your audience is most active on Instagram. This teaches you how to optimise your content schedule.

Set benchmarks to measure success

It is crucial to set yourself benchmarks and goals, which makes it easier for you to measure your success. In order to do this, think in terms of how many followers you have and what percentage you expect to interact with each post. Overall, the purpose of tracking your Instagram metrics is to ensure you are constantly learning what your audience responds to, which will only serve to strengthen your relationship with them and increase your social media presence.

In an increasingly saturated digital landscape, the challenges that come with capturing customer attention and creating customer journeys that convert are more prevalent than ever before. Businesses that focus on connecting with their audience and creating powerful, fresh content will cut through the noise of our social media feeds and grow a loyal following.


Murgia, M. (2016) Instagram reaches 500 million users. Retrieved from

Lucy Applegarth

SEO and Social Account Executive at Alpha Digital

Lucy recently completed her dual degree in Business and Creative Industries majoring in media, communications and marketing at the Queensland University of Technology. Lucy’s background is in fashion, events, PR and social media management, but her passion for digital marketing saw her move into a SEO and Social Account Executive role with Alpha Digital. Alpha Digital is a Google Premier Partner which provides a full spectrum of digital marketing services for a range of clients throughout Australia.

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