The Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program

12 September 2019

Since 2012, the city of Brisbane has provided $427.5K of grants to 95 startups under the Lord Mayor’s Budding and Global Entrepreneur programs. The Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program assists early-stage, growing businesses to connect to international markets, customers and investors and grow their startup beyond Australian borders.

If you believe your business is ready to scale, apply for the fourth round of funding for the Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program. You could secure up to $5000 to assist you to scale, globalise and grow.

Receiving the grant will open up opportunities like:

  • Tapping into new markets
  • Reaching new customers and connections
  • Obtaining professional advice on expansion and scaling
  • Securing new partners, suppliers or vendors
  • Participating in highly regarded national or international acceleration programs
  • Accessing finance and strategy advice.

Submissions have now closed

Success stories – who’s benefited before?

Brad Parsons – MOVUS

MOVUS has its eye on the big picture – to connect the world’s machines to enable them to be smarter machines. MOVUS is a Brisbane-based developer of industrial internet of things devices such as sensors equipped with machine-learning capabilities. They used the support of Brisbane Marketing and the Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program to continue their global growth, extend their R&D program, scale their local manufacturing capability and grow their team.

CEO Brad Parsons says, “Our goal is to attract talent in the AI and machine-learning disclipines and help keep STEM skills here in Australia.”

Juliette Murphy – Flood Map

FloodMapp has developed a groundbreaking rapid predictive flood modelling technology to provide businesses with more time and location-specific information to prevent flood damage. Their solution reads in real-time weather and river height data, and leverages cutting-edge technology (including big data and analytics, and machine learning) to produce predictive mapping.

With the help of the Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program grant, FloodMapp participated in and gained invaluable insights through Insuretech Connect, the world’s biggest insurance technology conference.
Juliette Murphy, CEO, says, “The Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur program has helped us not only with funding to access US market opportunities, but also some fantastic exposure locally which means that we’re meeting people we may not have otherwise met, getting more access to mentoring opportunities in Brisbane.”

Laurie Malone – Vald Performance

VALD Performance is leading the way in Brisbane’s SportsTech Industry. VALD Performance’s mission is to improve human measurement. They do so by humanising technologies, making them accessible to the world’s best practitioners and helping them quantify their decisions. With more objective decision-making, they aim to help make the world’s best become better.

As CEO Laurie Malone says: We’ve shown other Brisbane startups you can become a global leader in a competitive market – without leaving Brisbane. With our new global HQ in Newstead, we are able to tap into the local network of talent through the strong startup ecosystem and tertiary education systems, allowing us to continue to develop new technologies and products. On top of this, the cost to setup facilities in inner-city Brisbane is a fraction of other global cities like LA or London, allowing us to keep our core talent local while still assembling our products in-house.”

Who’s Eligible?

The Program is specifically designed to aid the development of startup businesses who meet all of the following characteristics:
1. Your company was started in Brisbane and retains its global headquarters within the Brisbane City Council boundary
2. Your key product or service is already in the market and you have established a solid customer base
3. Your company is consistently generating revenue
4. Your business model is a highly scalable model that appeals to a global market and can enable rapid business growth

What we fund

The program provides grants of up to $5,000 to successful applicants. Possible uses include:
• Participating in eligible growth/accelerator programs, either locally or overseas
• Pitching to an internationally-based eligible program (e.g. 500 Startups, Y Accelerator) including travel, accommodation and living expenses directly incurred by your company when seeking acceptance in the program.
• Mentorship / Consultation / Professional Advice that will help you scale your business

Funding will not be provided for any of the following activities/costs:
• Salary and wage costs • Business registration costs
• Business operating or management expenses • Product development costs.


Complete the online application form here, demonstrating your businesses capability to scale and grow, your entrepreneurial mindset to take your venture further and your plans for expansion.

Applicants will be required to detail:
• the nature of their current business
• previous annual turn-over
• the businesses’ capability to scale and globalise
• some projections of what this growth will look like
• the eligible program or course of action they seek to participate in

Eligible applications will be scored using the following equally weighted criteria:
• Perceived capability of the venture to scale and broaden into a global market
• Likely impact of grant funding
• Demonstrated knowledge and temperament of applicant to tackle the challenge of scalability and globalisation

What we ask of the Grant Recipients

• Provide evidence demonstrating that your revenue meets the requirements
• Provide Brisbane Marketing with 3 business impact and growth updates 6, 12 and 18 months after being awarded the grant.
• Fully expended the grant within six months of award – with reporting provided to show how the funds were appropriately spent and how the expenditure benefited the entrepreneur and/or the business
• Acknowledge support from the Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneurs Program when discussing their participation in the eligible program.
• Agree to participate in follow-up events, publicity headshots and media opportunities as requested by Brisbane Marketing or Brisbane City Council.

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