Meet a CoderDojo Brisbane Mentor

18 May 2016

Elizaveta Konovalova is a young woman of many talents.

The Brisbane International Student Ambassador (BISA) from Russia is one of the mentors in the current term of CoderDojo Brisbane.

Learn to code with a CoderDojo mentor

Two years ago, at 17, Elizaveta moved to Brisbane from Siberia in Russia and currently works in an IT role while studying at QUT.

Joining CoderDojo Brisbane as a mentor this term has showed Elizaveta that you can begin coding at any age.

“This is my first term and it is amazing – I am very excited about it,” Elizaveta said.

“(I am) originally from Russia and we don’t have anything like that over there. For me it was a bit strange at first but now I think I wish I had this growing up.

“CoderDojo has showed me that everyone can learn programming and it motivates you to learn more about programming and share it with people and is overall very exciting.”

Elizaveta said the participants had such high energy it motivated her even more.

“One was so excited about programming he made multiple scratch programs, so I worked one-on-one with him to create his own website on Coder Academy using Java Script and html.”

As well as meeting great kids interested in programming, Elizaveta has also made new friends through the fellow mentors, who are of similar ages.

“When you are around people who are into the same things, you just click,” she said.

Elizaveta started programming much later than those she is mentoring and wishes this kind of opportunity existed in Russia.

Although studying full time and working part time as a full stack developer, Elizaveta loves volunteering at CoderDojo Brisbane each Saturday and said she had already committed to mentoring next term as well.

“It has allowed me to meet like-minded people of a similar age and we have formed a nice friendship group,” she said.

“We have all shared new ideas and collaborated on new coding techniques. It is amazing this opportunity is in so many locations in one city.”

CoderDojo Brisbane has also motivated Elizaveta to learn more about IT and different forms of coding.

She said she was also looking forward to her year as a Brisbane International Student Ambassador with Study Brisbane.

“I understand Brisbane even better now after meeting fellow ambassadors,” she said.

“They have taught me new things about Brisbane and have also exposed me to new friends and cultures.”

The Brisbane International Student Ambassador Program activates students from all over the world to tell their real-life Brisbane stories to their home country networks via social media.

The 2016 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors were announced in April, with five new countries represented – Brunei Darussalam, the Netherlands, Mozambique, Chile and the Czech Republic.

Think you’ve got what it takes to teach the next generation of coders? Register your interest to mentor at CoderDojo Brisbane here. 

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