Moreton Island Adventures embracing digital for transformation

23 September 2017

Family-owned tourism company Moreton Island Adventures (MIA) believes business survival depends upon embracing digital technology. The company has become a digital one-stop-shop for people wishing to visit Moreton Island.

MIA has transformed its business by implementing digital technologies that support its operations and enhance the customer experience.

MIA chief executive officer Rosalind Shaw said: “To us it’s not a matter of whether you embrace digital technology; it’s whether you want to survive in business. “If you don’t embrace it, you will not be there.”

This belief in digital is driving the growth of the business and creating a leaner operation for the tourism company. MIA provides a range of services for tourists visiting Moreton Island, including a ferry service, accommodation and restaurant along with four-wheel drive tours.

MIA’s digital strategy focused on two core elements:

  • Understanding the customer through the customer relationship program, which enables the company to run analytics of user behaviours and needs and tailor specific messages to deliver effective communication.
  • Automating the response system by creating content and up-to-date information on critical information such as tides and camp sites on Moreton Island, so users find what they are looking for without making a phone call.

MIA’s website has evolved to share information not only from its own operation, but also of relevance to the whole experience of Moreton Island.

“We have lots of information about the island, the history of the island, geography… we even have teachers’ aids on lessons to do in geography and science on our school camps,” Ms Shaw said.

MIA has migrated its IT systems on to the cloud as well as developing an in-house intranet so employees can share documents and manuals. This has resulted in a leaner operation requiring fewer staff to answer phones.

Going digital has enabled MIA to identify different users with different needs and collaborate with suppliers, like tour operators, to create bookings and improve the overall customer experience.

“Tour operators are small businesses, and before it was impossible to talk to them … now they are connected to us,” Ms Shaw said.

There is even space on the MIA website to integrate three separate permit purchases into one. The business is actively developing an interface that connects the camp and vehicle permit systems with the booking system to create a one-transaction buying process.

The business is thriving, and digital is helping the company shape an integrated customer experience that goes beyond MIA’s own operations as well as helping the company to talk to its customers as opposed to simply taking their order.

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