New technology hub for South Bank

29 October 2014

technology and innovation hub for South Bank

Business South Bank launched its new initiative, hub4101, at the State Library of Queensland on Wednesday 22 October.

The 4101 postcode is already well known for its high concentration of arts, culture, design, media, and digital technology.

The aim of hub4101 is to foster and promote the 4101 community as a hub for innovation, creativity and digital technology, a Business South Bank (BSB) representative said.

“Hub4101 will share knowledge on new technologies and their applications; create opportunities for students; pursue and recruit similar organisations to move their business and/or develop their business in the precinct; and profile the precinct as one that embraces innovation,” she said.

“Similar to its overseas counterparts, the hub4101 cluster of creative, innovative and tech organisations has developed organically with like-minded companies choosing to base themselves in the 4101 creative environment.

“A committee of committed and enthusiastic representatives has been formed. The committee is made up of representatives from ABC, Brisbane Marketing, Business South Bank, Griffith University, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Red Suit Advertising, Taxi Film Production, State Library of Queensland and chaired by BSB board members Bruce Wolfe and Conrad Gargett.”

Hub4101 has already received strong support from not only the 4101 community but also various levels of politics. At the event, BSB played a message of support from Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull, who spoke about the importance of people coming together to develop ideas and spark innovation.

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