How to create a website

11 December 2017

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Website essentials: How to create a website for your business without spending a fortune, making your customers hate you, or killing each other.

Biggest takeaways:

  • Don’t build a website before you know why you need a website
  • Build an asset that lasts
  • Register your business details on Google (understand how people will find you, and build your site accordingly)
  • When considering your budget, don’t ask what you should spend – think about how much money you want your website to make you
  • Know your audience and the point in the customer journey where they’ll need your website
  • Ask yourself, if my website was only allowed to do one thing that my customer would benefit from, what would that be?

In this Power-Up episode, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson and Director of Strategy for The Content Division Kurt Sanders share top tips and tricks for building a website.

What we cover:

  • Where to start when creating a website for your business
  • Planning your content
  • Choosing a platform – the pros and cons of website builders and content management systems
  • DIY versus paying a professional

Episode resources:

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