Seven app opportunities you don’t want to miss

17 July 2017

These days it seems like there’s an app for everything. In November 2016 when mobile access to the Internet surpassed desktop, it became clear that the app revolution was here to stay.

With app developers and start-ups all looking for that “next big thing”, and with so much online material covering new apps, mobile security, and the latest and greatest smartphones on the horizon, we’ve all been gripped with app fever.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, here’s seven real opportunities that could help you come up with the app concept you’ve been searching for.

1. The health industry is craving app innovations

Because of the nature of the health industry and the diversity of treatment options both available right now and emerging, apps in the health industry are what doctors, nursing staff, administration and the broader venture capital community are keeping a close eye on. If you can find a niche in this industry with enough breadth to grow your user base, you’re onto a winner.

2. The professional services industry is playing catch-up

The increase in digital enquiries coming from the professional services industry, such as the accounting and legal sectors, is on the rise. These industries have traditionally been slow movers in the tech space but are realising that their clients expect innovation and are looking to work with organisations who can give it to them.

Can you think of something that could change the way this industry operates?

3. Mobile apps for kids is big business

E-learning is a major growth industry right now and it’s not expected to slow down. Creating fun-filled mobile applications for kids with positive learning outcomes is a great way to get into app development and also make a living.

If you have a passion for technology and the education sector, e-learning apps are a highly attractive option for investors and government grants looking to support app development.

4. The IoT arena

Don’t know what the Internet of Things (IoT) is yet? You soon will. Apps falling under this category are designed to help improve your daily life through the networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and smart devices.

Think of how you can connect an everyday object with technology.

5. Android Instant Apps

Google’s new app technology Instant Apps allows users to download apps from the cloud without actually installing them.

This concept sounds a little crazy but it will allow app developers to provide app users with a working preview of their app before they decide to download it – saving time and bandwidth.

If you’re looking to innovate in the app space, Instant Apps may be the way forward.

6. Location-Based Service (LBS) and Augmented Reality

I can’t remember the last time I opened an app that didn’t include some sort of location-based service. Whether it’s sharing your location in real-time, interacting with a friend online, or tagging a landmark using augmented reality services, location-based service apps are a major opportunity.

Look at what Pokemon Go was able to achieve. This was just the beginning!

7. Financial Services apps still have a way to go

There are lots of apps in the financial services industry, the only issue is that they all offer a similar service level. This means there’s a major opportunity for someone to step up.

Even the slightest innovations in the financial services industry can have big pay-offs for those who get in early. This is one of the industries that could provide the best return on your investment if you get it right.

Paul Dunstone

Managing Director at Form Crowd

Paul is passionate about helping business optimise the way they work, with a focus on increased return on investment in the digital space.

As Form Crowd’s Managing Director, Paul is responsible for the overall day-to-day business operations at Form Crowd, and works with business people of all levels to help streamline their internal operations.

Form Crowd is a Brisbane-based specialist digital agency that offers services in the web development, systems integration, and custom application development spaces for both government and private sector clients.

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