The VR program that lets you walk in other people’s shoes

17 May 2018

Equal Reality created the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Diversity and Inclusion program, which addresses unconscious bias by letting users literally “walk in someone else’s shoes”.

Equal Reality’s unique experiential training method enhances empathy and increases retention of information. The VR scenarios allow you to see from the point of view of others, including those of a different gender, race, or ability level.

To create this program, Equal Reality had to solve the technical challenge of representing humans and human emotions virtually. From this challenge, Equal Reality found a new method to streamline human expression into the virtual world.

“Equal Reality in recent months has resulted in new methods and invention that we believe will streamline capturing the real world of human expression into the virtual. It will completely revolutionise the way that CG animation and capture will be done,” said co-founder Rick Martin.

Equal Reality’s current customers include the Australian Navy, Australian Defence Force, New York Department of Education, Intel, Coachella, and Google. In addition, it has cracked the most popular business application on the VR App Store.

Equal Reality has been operating since November 2016 and was officially incorporated at the start of its acceptance into the Remarkable Incubator – Australia’s first disability-focused impact accelerator.

A lack of public understanding of how Equal Reality’s technology works is the greatest challenge facing Equal Reality and its founders. To improve public knowledge and understanding, the company provides education on how the technology works and its future potential.

“VR is a very multifaceted emerging technology with a lot of players with significantly varying qualities. We are constantly educating the community, our partners, potential clients and press about what VR is, and its true potential,” Mr Martin said

Equal Reality’s next step is to scale internationally, through distributing the Virtual Reality (VR) Diversity and Inclusion program globally.

“Excitingly we have had some big updates. We are currently working on co-creating products with multiple large corporate and government organisations. They are planned to be implemented later this year,” Mr  Martin said.

Equal Reality understands the importance of connections. The Equal Reality team have strong links to the best global talent in the VR industry, particularly in the US, Australia, and India.

“We know the people we need to grow, they are already expressing interest in joining us as we scale,” Mr Martin said. “A lot of them are exciting to work on both the training problem we are solving (Diversity and Inclusion), but also the technical problems we are solving (human representation in a digital environment).”

The grant money from the Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program will be used to assist with Equal Reality’s future negotiations.

“We are currently in discussions with the potential partners and customers to assist in scaling Equal Reality globally,” Mr Martin said.

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