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10 October 2016

Stellar Home Power Up Small Business Program
Pictured: Stellar Home’s Kate Mukovnikova, Angela Tallon and Jessica Perl

Most parents with young children experience the juggle between family, work and the necessities of running a household.

It’s not many who can see potential for a thriving small business in this all-too-common scenario.

The brainchild of Shaun McCambridge, Stellar Home is a digital booking platform connecting customers with trusted in-home service professionals such as cleaners, gardeners, pet groomers and even mobile beauticians.

General Manager Angela Tallon said the business aimed to benefit both customers and suppliers.

“The internet provides a highly saturated medium for SME suppliers to promote their services independently, and an exhausting, unqualified source of supplier options for consumers,” she said. “This is time-consuming for the customer and can be costly for the supplier.

“We are creating a ‘go-to’ application that reduces these issues.”

Those in need of services can request a quote by entering just a few details in an online form. The required service can also be booked and paid for via the website.

“The Stellar Home team vet all people on our platform and have personally met the principal business owners,” Ms Tallon said.

Since launching in February, Stellar Home has gone from strength to strength.

“Our subscription bookings continue to build. We have literally had hundreds of businesses register with Stellar Home, however we only ‘activate’ the ones that meet our strict criteria,” Ms Tallon said.

While significant month-on-month growth is a major success, she is also proud to have found a solid team.

“Resourcing startups is quite often a big pain point. We have a fantastic culture that is developing with like-minded individuals who are passionate and focused. The team is everything!”

Participation in the Power-Up Small Business Program has provided essential development opportunities to foster creativity and stay abreast of industry trends and knowledge.

“These have been valuable to our digital marketing team in better understanding the importance of SEO, ad words and SMM,” Ms Tallon said. “We have also had some great local recommendations for assistance with our digital marketing strategy moving forward.

“One of the biggest challenges that the team has encountered is how to balance market fit with the right marketing strategy and having to be ‘patient’ to see organic growth.”

And like many small business operators, the Stellar Home team also feel the pressure of time constraints.

“There are only so many hours in the day to make iterations and continually improve the process, although so often we would like it to move faster.”

When reflecting on what she’s learnt on the startup journey, Ms Tallon said: “Being agile and fluid is crucial and so having in-house resources is key.

“Constantly seeking feedback helps define your offering and leveraging networks to access different resources – you need to start lean. The startup landscape is bumpy, so keep focused and dedicated, and surround yourself with like-minded people.”

The future is bright for Stellar Home, with an immediate focus on raising capital to expand nationally, and one day internationally.

“We have a big vision for this business and see huge opportunity to build an ‘on demand’ model for in-home professional services,” Ms Tallon said.

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