Thought leadership episode with Matt Wallaert

12 January 2018

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Thought leadership special: Global entrepreneur and behavioural scientist Matt Wallaert

In this special episode on thought leadership, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson chats with Matt Wallaert about the science of behaviour change, the gap between corporates and startups and how to beer test a hipster (for legit marketing purposes).

What we cover:

  • How to influence behaviour change
  • Dichotomy of identity – our desire to feel unique but also connected to a tribe
  • Designing for behaviour change in marketing and product development
  • Stable and unstable likers
  • Inhibiting and promoting pressures
  • The importance of cross-collaboration between startups and corporates

Episode resources:

Click here to read The Corporate/Startup Gap: Who’s at your BBQ?

About Matt

Matt Wallaert is a global entrepreneur and leader in behavioural science and technology. Matt has worked in academia, startups and corporates focusing on human behaviour and was Microsoft’s first behavioural scientist and a director at Microsoft Ventures. Currently, Matt is the first Chief Behaviour Officer at Clover Health and is changing the model of insurance through behavioural influence. Matt sits on a number of boards for non-profits and startups and speaks on behaviour change and product development all over the world.

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