How to pitch: 14 top tips from Brisbane start-ups

26 June 2018

Want to know how to pitch your business, but have no idea where to start? We asked the finalists of Pitch-Off, a competition created by Fishburners to support Brisbane’s startup ecosystem, to share their two top pitching tips below.

Tim O’Shea, C.E.O/Founder — SavR

SavR is a mobile App that simplifies personal finance management by automating savings and investment. SavR utilises micro-savings and user defined targets to assist each user to boost their cash reserves, pay off debt faster or automatically purchase Cryptocurrency.

Pitching tip 1: Know your audience – pitching with language and information that are relevant to your audience is critical.

Pitching tip 2: Practice – run through your pitch at home or with your team. Time yourself. Ask for feedback. Refine your content and language as you transition from slide to slide. If you are constantly turning around to read from your own slides, you have not prepared well enough.

Find out more about SavR on its website, and become a fan on Facebook or Twitter

Dhawal Nayak, Director — Grand Company

Australia’s current education system stipulates a gap between school and real-world experiences. We bridge that gap. Through a digital platform that connects school students with industry partners, we foster creativity, soft skills, the love of learning, opportunity, and above all, confidence. We enable, engage and embrace Gen Z in preparation for a future they love and look forward to.

Pitching tip 1: Bring your passion – people will love you not your product!

Pitching tip 2: Practice, Practice and Practice

Discover more about Grand Company online, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Jenna Changuion, Co-Founder — YLOO

YLOODrive is a start-up company that connects Learner Drivers to preferred accredited Driving Instructors and seamlessly manages the entire process of students obtaining their mandatory hours. YLOODrive launched operations in October 2017 and was founded by Dion Changuion and co-founded with Jenna Changuion.

Pitching tip 1: Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and try to make your pitch a story that explains “why” your business exists.

Pitching tip 2: Be a little nervous, be focused and be yourself, 100%!

Find out more on YLOODrive’s website, or follow along on Facebook and Twitter.


Dr Evan Shaw, Founder — FleaMail

FleaMail is a subscription based, delivery service for your pet’s flea, tick and worming control. FleaMail sends veterinarian-scheduled preventatives to your pet’s home each month, when it’s due. With a simple set-and-forget monthly direct-debit payment, owners have peace of mind knowing their pet’s health is under the supervision of a registered, Australian veterinary health team. Our members no longer have to work out complex treatment regimes, set reminders for treatments or make return trips to the store to buy expensive products. Just simple, home delivered parasite control each month, when it’s due, for less than getting it yourself.

Pitching tip 1: Tell your story.investors want to invest in people NOT numbers and dreams.

Pitching tip 2: Tell the truth, not what you “think” people will want to hear.

Discover more about FleaMail on its website, and follow the startup on Facebook.

Kev Wiegand, Founder — dataSights

DataSights helps SMBs run better businesses. DataSights works with you to surface the numbers that align with your goals. We can help to adjust your business processes, so that we can bring together your data in automated reporting and dashboard awesomeness.

Pitching tip 1: Have a pre-game beer.

Pitching tip 2: Show the passion.

Find out more about dataSights on its website, and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.


Bastian Green, CEO — GreenRoom Robotics

GreenRoom Robotics offers drone detection software and sensors that enable customers to autonomously find, count and track animals based on the thermal heat signature of the animals.

Pitching tip 1: Record your pitches and learn from the recording. It will make you feel a lot better about yourself as the nervous feeling during the pitch sometimes is a lot worse than your actual pitch performance.

Pitching tip 2: Test your PC and video integration before every pitch with an actual projector, sometimes they don’t like each other and you don’t want to find that out during your pitch…..believe me, I know 😊, it could cost you a spot in the finals.

Follow GreenRoom Robotics on Facebook and find out more on their website.


Stuart Clough, CEO and Co-founder  — NoiseNet

NoiseNet analyses the noise impact on residential properties. We do this by using data mining and acoustic modeling to create a noise assessment for home-buyers or renters.

Pitching tip 1:   To invest in a start-up, you need to fall in love (or lust) with the business and the idea of owning the business.  So the pitch has to play to the emotions of the viewer

Pitching tip 2:   Clarity and honesty is the foundation of a future investor relationship.  Make the pitch clear, answer the obvious questions openly, and provide realistic and believable numbers.

Find out more about NoiseNet on its website, and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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