Tristan Pollock – searching for the next successful startup

5 May 2016

US-based Tristan Pollock’s already had significant success with several startups (think Storefront and SocialEarth) but now the San Francisco entrepreneur is pursuing a different agenda.

After co-founding several relatively successful startups, he’s stepped back from the operational side of things to mould the next generation of entrepreneurs with 500 Startups, one of the world’s most active seed fund and startup accelerators.

“I coach the company’s San Francisco accelerator. We have 50 companies in there and it goes for four months (at a time),” he told Digital Brisbane.

“I think there’s a really great energy of collaboration and support in San Fran but right now as my next venture I am exploring what I can do with 500.

“It’s probably the best culture and mission I feel like I have been around ever.”

To date, 500 Startups has funded more than 1500 startups in just five years and Pollock is looking to add another 500 to that number, hopefully from our shores.

“My goal in this trip to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is to connect that line from Australia to Silicon Valley and Australasia.

“To make that connection and get 500 more involved ‘down under’.”

He’s in Brisbane following a similar scouting mission to New Zealand.

“I used to live in Auckland so I think there’s things in Australia and NZ, certain trends I saw a while ago that I liked, and those things will continue to develop.

“There’s been some really interesting startups coming out of both countries.

“I have spent the last year and a half with 500 Startups wandering the world, going to tech events, accelerators, speaking on panels and meeting thousands of startups. But I have been pleasantly surprised out here because there are just so many good ideas that could be (achieved), it’s just all about scale.”

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