In an increasingly demanding digital world geared toward instant gratification and over stimulation, we’re constantly ‘plugged in’ and rarely give ourselves the rest and digest time needed to put our wellbeing first and put things into perspective, in order to address questions like:

– Why am I constantly feeling tired? 

– How can I increase my happiness?

– How can I create greater wealth?

– How do I stop self-sabotaging, limiting habits & fears?

– How do I create positive lasting habits and change?

Join co-founders & keynote speakers Paul & Mitesh from The Open Mind Institute on the 4th of September for their masterclass Mindshift Reboot event that will deliver the tools, techniques, knowledge and exercises that start up owners, entrepreneurs and all of us can use to consciously shift our mindset to achieve confidence, enhanced energy, happiness & vitality.

Mindshift Reboot will divulge critical information about how our subconscious mind was created and can be recalibrated in order to broaden our sense of identity and start using social & emotional intelligence to enhance our wellbeing, relationships and the lives of our loved ones.

This event will open at midday but won’t officially commence until 12:30pm and will finish at 1:30pm.

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