Because we can, does it mean we should?

The proliferation and advancement of digital technologies means that we often find ourselves operating in grey areas, questioning the ethical, moral and legal implications of our actions.

Ordinarily, the legal system would act as a partial framework to guide our work, however both the law and government are often years behind the technology and also reactive in their approach. Take the challenges of the shared economy for example, which are still not fully resolved. Or Australia’s controversial encryption laws.

To further compound the challenge, our actions aren’t only felt by us, but impact our customers, communities and often society in general. So our obligation to ‘do the right thing’ is even greater.

If only we knew what the right thing was? Are there some old philosophical and ethical guidelines we should be applying to innovation? When conflicted between our moral compass and the reality of business, which should win? Are these challenges different to ones faced in previous generations? At the end of the day we all need to make hard choices. Right?

This provocative event will attempt to provide some guidelines on how to handle digital dilemmas in the workplace and will also dissect three specific ethical digital challenges of your choosing …